Monday, February 21, 2011

D23'S Member Mixer at the Chicago Disney Store


This event was another great D23 event I was lucky enough to go to, and absolutely free to go besides the high city parking prices. I thought we were running a bit late but it turned out we arrived perfect timing because we weren't aloud in the store until 10ish when the event began, and it was raining along with the freezing weather. 

Now I've been in the Disney Store along the Magnificent Mile quite a few times and noticed all the characters all over the walls and ceilings, but I've never really paid full attention to them before this. First lets start out with the outside architecture.(Pictures below) I love how this looks, the building is just a block away from the Chicago Water Tower Building and fits in just perfectly while still giving off that Disney vibe.


When they did let us inside there were two lines to sign in to the event, which made thing go very quickly. When our time came to check in, we were given a little gift baggy with a keychain, magnet, and a set of 23 Vintage Disneyland Postcards that were given out to the 2010 Destination D Event. Those are by far the coolest thing in the bag, and a nice little treat just for coming!

While we were waiting in line we were greeted my Jeffrey Epstein and other Disney Store Cast Members. The only thing about the event I didn't like, was the time. Being there so early at 10am, I was still in "just rolled out of bed" mode. So Mr. Epstein, if you are reading this, I'm totally honored you recognized me, and definitely wanted to talk more, you just caught me off guard lol. I don't know how you were up that early and had the energy to talk in front of everyone. You hosted a great event and hope to talk more tonight at the D23 Bambi Screening!

Now on the the event! After a quick introduction and some trivia We were split up into two groups to take a tour around the store. 

Here Flounder and Sebastian are playing and singing 
in Buckingham Fountain

Minnie and Daisy are posing in front of 
The Sears Tower 
(or the Willis Tower now)
Clairabell Cow is seen here hinting that she may have started the
 great Chicago fire!

They told us that it would be fun just throwing in a slice
of pizza for no reason along with the sky scrapers just because
we're known for it:)

Jiminy, Figaro, and Pinocchio and playing in front of the
Water Tower and the John Hancock Building

All and all this was a great little D23 get together and I'm happy I got the chance to go!

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