Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Future World Pavilion Symbol Patches

While at the Bambi Event I was lucky enough to win the complete set of Epcot Center patches, I originally got the Horizons patch (3rd from the end in the picture above) in one of my quarterly D23 Books. When I looked on the back (seen below) I saw that there were nine patches in total, and I wanted them all! Well, I got them...

The back reads:

"This family of official Future World Pavilion symbols that adorned EPCOT Center Pamphlets memorabilia, directional signage, and attractions evokes both a sense of futurism and nostalgia for park fans, Representing the core themes of each pavilion, they formed a sense of consistency that linked the the pavilions together while granting each a character of its own.
          Disney Legends and EPCOT Center champions John Hench and Marty Sklar reviewed scores of concepts and colors for each symbol, and the winners, pictured here, became park icons that remain both simple and sophisticated.

          To celebrate the 21st Century that began on October 1st, 1982, you have received one of nine custom-made patches exclusively created for D23 Members, each featuring a park symbol. We hope you enjoy this Walt Disney Archives collectable and always remember that we've just begun to dream."

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  1. I am enjoying looking at your blog. Loved this post with the EPCOT symbols. I remember those well... the first time I visited EPCOT (1986) I was smitten with its futuristic look and these wonderful symbols juxtaposed with the lovely World Showcase... a study in contrasts and really the best of two worlds. Thanks for posting the patches!

    ~ Christi

  2. One problem, there is no Wonders of Life symbol...