Friday, February 25, 2011

Bambi Blu-Ray Second Screen Feature

          After the D23 Event there were Cast Members out in the lobby with the Second Screen feature to demo for us. It was really nice because there was a very long line to get autographs from the speakers, and it was nice entertainment while waiting.

          It is a brand new interactive concept that Disney has created with the Bambi Diamond Edition to be released March 1st. This is a completely free application with purchase of the BluRay. Since it is internet based, it only works with Blu-Ray and is compatible for the iPad or computer.(Mac & PC)

          They've brought the bonus features to life and linked them perfectly while you watch the movie. Little facts, pictures and different angle videos that pop up threw-out the film. I was only able to see some of the perks that come with it, but one thing I did see was a section where the very early drawing stages of a scene are turned into a flipbook on the screen, so you can see the original concept sketches along with the finished product at the same time. It is very neat. If it is a success, Disney plans to bring it to other Blu-Ray/DVD releases in the future. The Lion King is next in line for a Diamond Edition release, and from what I've seen, this will be nothing but great! So hopefully we will see it there next!

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