Friday, April 1, 2011

Hollywood Tower Hotel

          In light of the huge 17 year success at Disney's Hollywood Studios, formerly MGM Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror has brought new life, so to speak, to the park. Launching sister attractions around the world, opening in California Adventure in 2004, and again in 2006 at Tokyo DisneySea. Not only has it given the opportunity to ride in variation around the Disney Parks, but it has also been tweaked over the years to add a little thrill to it. In the summer of 2010, the event Summer Nightastic took place, and the imagineers mixed things up a bit within the attraction. It was a love/hate relationship among the guests, but it was only for a short while until it returned to it original state.
          Disney Imagineers always like to test out their ideas before making them permanent, and that is exactly what this was. Almost a year ago today, Disney came out with a test interactive queue prop for The Haunted Mansion, and due to the success, they supplied a full scale queue for the guests this past month. What the Imagineers were looking for in the change to ToT was the guests reaction to missing the original concept, and how much they still love it. Well, what they got from it was that we absolutely loved the normal version, and that it would be a shame to change it in any way. Thus making them extremely comfortable in creating the concept of an on property Hollywood Tower Hotel. This would be Disney's 26th owned hotel if your counting the villas, and is due to open the end of 2013, roughly a year after the new Art of Animation Resort.
          It will be located in the Epcot Resort area and will house 764 rooms featuring your typical room, to concierge level suites, but will all be set to the theme of the good old 1930's.  Although it will not be highly themed towards the darker, scarier side, it will still have that empty feel you'd expect when walking through the front door. It is dated to take place in the early 30's, years before the lightning incident ever happened.

All in all I feel this has GREAT potential, and only time will tell how it will turn out. No other concept art has been released but this small rendering just yet, but when Disney has more to display I'm sure we'll see it soon!

I might have been lying about all this though...april fools;)


  1. I got the same email too!

    I figured since I saw it from 2 different sources it had to be true! Can't wait for more details to be published!

  2. I don't believe you (after all, it is April 1st)
    but It does sound pretty cool!

  3. I smell an April fools joke....

    But if they really did make this into a resort I'd be psyched! :)

  4. I hope it is not an April Fools joke... I for one think it would be the coolest.