Sunday, April 24, 2011


In honor of TRON: Legacy coming out last year, Disney created a nightly promotional event called ElecTRONica. Taking you from the real world, through the portal, and onto the Grid. They literally transformed Hollywood Pictures Backlot at California Adventure into a whole new land! It was so popular that despite it supposing to end months ago, they have extended its running though Labor Day 2011.

There they have everything from a full functioning Flynn's Arcade, including Flynn Tokens and the most popular arcade games from the 80's, to grabbing a favorite tasty beverage from the End of Line club! Not only that but they have entertainment everywhere. Identity Disk jugglers, to TRON Dancers fill the streets, along with your favorite techno music pumping through the air. My favorite of all the entertainment, is Laser Man. There really isn't a way of describing his act, you just have to see it to get the full effect. Everything can be seen in the video link HERE. YouTube will have none of my video, so I've resorted to Vimeo. Its an overview of ElecTRONica as a whole, then the second half is Laser Man. Enjoy...

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  1. Wow... I am a lover of all things TRON. Just received my special edition Bluray set with both TRON movies and lots of extras. Any chance they might decide to bring this spectacular to WDW, since it's so popular? I could definitely envision that somewhere in Future World. Awesome video... laser man is fantastic, but I seriously loved the End of Line club & Flynn's!

    ~ Christi