Friday, April 1, 2011

Disney Channel Revamp

          At the beginning of this year Disney changed "Playhouse Disney" to "Disney Junior" in an effort to make the look more appealing to the younger crowds. With a new logo and the new show "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" the channels ratings have soared up 3 times the ratings it had before.
          With the recent success of they're morning shows, they've decided to revamp the daytime channel starting in early May. I'm incredible excited about this because the "lets see how loud we can yell" attitude all the kid actors have has definitely run it's course. They will be getting rid of all the shows currently on air, with the exception of the more popular, like Phinias and Ferb. In replace we will hopefully we will get fresh new faces, and maybe, just maybe we will see some great new shows that reflect how good the Disney Channel used to be!


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