Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walt Disney World Value Resorts

          There is no better feeling then finally checking in to your favorite Disney resort after a long day of travel, and even after all that hard work, you're still to excited to sleep knowing that just next day, you will head to the place where dreams come true! Well just recently, I had the opportunity to wonder around some of the value resorts to broaden my outlook on the hotels.
          Many people feel that they are on the lower end, but in my opinion, they are to an extent, but the giant characters around every turn make up for it! Our stop this time was to the All-Star Movies!

This hotel opened periodically throughout 1999, the first time on January 15 with the Mighty Ducks and 101 Dalmatians, then on March 1st opened Fantasia and the Love Bug buildings, then finally completing the hotel on April 15th with the Toy Story buildings! Construction began late 1992, that’s 7 years in the making! It is located in the Animal Kingdom resort area.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the lobby and gift show area was, there were movie set spotlights shining around the shop and the surrounding theme of early Hollywood.

Next up was the World Premiere Food Court, which I loved! There were five different stands you could get various foods from, sort of like the food pods in the Star Light Cafe in the Magic Kingdom. They were named the Majestic, the Lyric, the Grand, Roxy, and the Rialto. All named after different types of famous theaters serving all kinds of different food.(Pasta, BBQ, Deli exc.) The Grand was great for a quick snack, or to grab something prepackaged to take up to the room for later. 

I came across this amazing Tie-Dye Cheese Cake, I'll be honest, I never got a chance to try it, but the fact that it was rainbow food makes it awesome in my book!

This is sort of straying away from the review, but it's not to often to see the forgotten Disney movie Atlantis. I don't want to put it down because I haven't fully seen it, but it must not of done as well as they had hoped.

Now heading out into the courtyard you immediately see why these hotels are so famous, the giant figurers! This section was Fantasia, and you can see the book is opening and letting out all the characters to tell their story.

You can tell this soldier has definitely served his time.

Now we come to the 101 Dalmatians section of the hotel. Every little kid, and the kids at heart, can't help but run around falling over things because their eyes are fix up in the air. Pongo standing at 30 feet and Perdita at 25 tower over you. One night here and you’ll be seeing spots for days!

Next stop is my personal favorite, Toy Story. I love this area because of how it’s laid out. To enter you have to walk into Andy’s room, his “Keep Out” sign didn’t work on me!

To your right you immediately see a 30 foot tall Woody doll slouched over against a bookshelf. I think this is an extremely cool concept, because now you are the one that’s toy sized.

Upon looking at the books closer I noticed titles like “Tin Toy” and “The Adventures of Andre and Wally B.” which are some of the names of Pixar’s very first animated shorts.

In front of Woody are Rex and Bo Peep!

Across the way standing tall at roughly 45 feet tall, is Buzz Lightyear!

I plan on staying here the first chance I get, definitely brought the 90’s nerd out in me, and oh do I miss the 90’s! I can’t speak for the rooms just yet, but once I spend a night I’ll be sure to follow up!

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